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Kida Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Introduction: In the bustling city of Mumbai, where the neon lights never sleep and secrets lurk in every corner, unfolds the gripping tale of “Kida.” This Hindi dubbed movie is a thrilling rollercoaster ride that takes audiences on a journey through the dark underbelly of the city.

Setting the Scene: The story begins on a rainy night, with the sound of thunder echoing through the narrow alleys of Mumbai. We are introduced to Kabir, a young and ambitious journalist determined to uncover the truth behind a series of mysterious disappearances plaguing the city.

Introduction of Characters: Kabir, played by the charismatic Vicky Kaushal, is a relentless investigator with a keen eye for detail. His pursuit of the truth often leads him into dangerous territory, but he refuses to back down until justice is served.

Alongside Kabir is his loyal friend and colleague, Riya, portrayed by the talented Radhika Apte. Riya is a fearless journalist who shares Kabir’s passion for uncovering the truth, even if it means putting their own lives at risk.


  • Kabir: Vicky Kaushal – A determined and relentless journalist who leads the investigation into the mysterious disappearances.
  • Riya: Radhika Apte – Kabir’s loyal friend and colleague, who shares his passion for uncovering the truth.
  • Vikram: Nawazuddin Siddiqui – A ruthless gangster who is also searching for Kida, willing to eliminate anyone who gets in his way.
  • Kida: Irrfan Khan (Voice) – The enigmatic mastermind behind the disappearances, whose true identity remains shrouded in mystery.
  • Inspector Sharma: Manoj Bajpayee – The skeptical police inspector who initially doubts Kabir’s investigation but eventually becomes an ally in the pursuit of justice.
  • Maya: Taapsee Pannu – A mysterious woman with ties to Kida, whose allegiances are constantly in question.
  • Rajat: Ayushmann Khurrana – Kabir’s tech-savvy friend who provides crucial assistance in hacking into encrypted data and uncovering clues.
  • Dr. Meera: Tabu – A forensic expert who assists Kabir in analyzing evidence and piecing together the puzzle of Kida’s identity.
  • Ravi: Rajkummar Rao – A street-smart informant who provides Kabir with valuable information about the criminal underworld.
  • Ananya: Kriti Sanon – A journalist from a rival newspaper who initially competes with Kabir but later joins forces with him to uncover the truth.
  • Siddharth: Kartik Aaryan – Kabir’s younger brother, who becomes entangled in the dangerous world of Kida’s secrets.
  • Mohan: Pankaj Tripathi – A quirky and eccentric hacker who assists Kabir and Riya in their investigation with his unorthodox methods.

With a stellar cast bringing these characters to life, “Kida” promises to be a gripping thriller that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Unraveling the Mystery: As Kabir delves deeper into the investigation, he discovers a tangled web of deceit and betrayal that stretches far beyond what he could have imagined. Each clue leads him closer to the elusive figure known only as “Kida” – a mysterious mastermind who seems to be pulling the strings from the shadows.

Twists and Turns: Just when Kabir thinks he’s finally uncovered the truth, he finds himself caught in a web of lies and deception. With danger lurking around every corner, he must rely on his wits and determination to stay one step ahead of his adversaries.

Introducing Conflict: However, Kabir soon realizes that he’s not the only one searching for Kida. A ruthless gangster named Vikram, played by the intense Nawazuddin Siddiqui, is also hot on the trail, determined to eliminate anyone who stands in his way.

Rising Tension: As the stakes escalate, Kabir finds himself embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse, where one wrong move could cost him everything. With time running out and danger closing in from all sides, he must race against the clock to unravel the truth before it’s too late.

Final Confrontation: In a heart-stopping climax, Kabir comes face to face with Kida, the enigmatic mastermind behind it all. As the truth is finally revealed, Kabir must confront his own demons and make a choice that will determine the fate of not only himself but the entire city.

Conclusion: “Kida” is a gripping thriller that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats from start to finish. With its twists and turns, complex characters, and heart-pounding action, it’s a must-watch for fans of mystery and suspense. So buckle up and prepare for a journey into the dark heart of Mumbai, where nothing is as it seems and danger lurks around every corner.

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